Singer / Songwriter


Ara's journey as a solo vocal artist/ songwriter/ producer started at a very young age. An interesting quote from a family member, "Ara was singing before she could talk. She used to take her tape recorder everywhere, even slept with it." She became obsessed with sound, singing and recording, writing her first song at the age of 10 and performing publicly as a teenager. As a teen, she also acquired her first multitrack recorder and from that point, there was no turning back. She began to lay down tracks and develop her sonic visions. "I realized I could create a world or an experience for the listener. Music became a transporter or time machine. I could take listeners back in time, across the sea or the universe with unique  sounds."  I wanted to make for others what artists like Enigma and Dead Can Dance created for listeners like me" she recalls.

Ara graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.A. in Music and a B.S. in Electronic Media from Kutztown University. She produced her debut CD release in 2006, "Mystic" which was ranked #1 by listeners on Live Disc Radio an internet radio station broadcast in 68 countries. Later she began performing in her hometown which led to her touring nationally via the collegiate circuit.

Time spent living abroad gave her a refreshing new perspective on life, music and writing. This sojourn increased her appetite to create something that embodied the feeling, heart and soul of the Mediterranean and the ancient world. This lead to 2011 release of "Temple Beautiful" which found a loyal fan base in the US, Europe, Turkey, Israel, Lebanon and New Zealand. Now, based out of Pennsylvania, she continues performing, writing and collaborating with notable DJ/Producers adding her voice and musical insight to some amazing new EDM tracks. 

Establishing herself as a powerhouse performer with a strong following and clear vision, she continues to blaze the trail of an independent female artist with unyielding dedication to her craft. Perpetually challenging herself artistically to create innovative "sound experiences" for the listener to enjoy. Wrapped in a foundation of spirituality, talent, heart, the power of her voice and music inspire audiences and bring joy to listeners everywhere. This artist's journey has just begun..

With or without a record deal, this music has to be made and the show must go on.
— Ara