Singer / Songwriter

Ara performing

The mesmerizing sound of this artist has captivated listeners worldwide. Combining sultry vocals with her original electronic compositions, as well as powerful and spellbinding performances of songs by well known artists such as Adele, Alicia Keys, Ellie Goulding, Bruno Mars and much much more.

Putting forth high energy, stunning vocal performances, she delivers a highly sophisticated and entertaining show. With her down to earth appeal, she connects with audiences leaving them delighted and wanting more.

Ara's original music blends elements of electronic, trance and ambient sound. Her latest release "Temple Beautiful" sold copies internationally. Her songs are uplifting and inspiring with alluring vocals that soar over her elegant arrangements. Lyrically and melodically powerful tales of love, passion, destiny and longing. Her vocals have been compared to Amy Lee, Sade, and Alicia Keys.

Ara always dazzles the crowd with a well-rounded, enthusiastic performance. Her range of contemporary and classic music makes her enjoyable to a wide ranging variety of listeners. She consistently brings a large following of loyal fans that not only support her, but also our establishment. Every time Ara performs she bolsters our late night revenue and our guests leave happy. The consistency of both her following and her excellent performances render her atop the list of our favorite entertainers.
— Paul Burkert, Assistant General Manager - Stokesay Castle